ChiroLux Curv - The Viral Neck Relief Device

How I Relieved My Neck And Back Pain In Just 10 Minutes Per Day Using This $44 Chiropractor-Designed Device

"I was having trouble bending down to put on my own socks... this is the ONLY natural solution that worked to provide me long lasting relief!"

Published by Austin Dixon | 03 Dec 2022 | Advertorial

As I got used to “working from home,” I began noticing that I started spending more and more time on my computer each day. Little did I know that this would affect my entire life, and NOT for the better.

One morning as I bent down to put my socks on, I felt a sharp pain shoot up my back.

“That’s not good…” I thought to myself.

So, I texted my trainer and told him that instead of exercising that day I only wanted to stretch. 

Growing up, I continually heard how important it is to properly stretch as the body ages. To me, it seemed like the easiest way to relieve the tension I was feeling in my back and neck.

I Began Stretching Religiously

The next few days, I didn’t even think about lifting a single weight.

Each day, I’d wake up with aches and pains that seemingly came out of nowhere. So when it was time to hit the gym, I started skipping workouts and spent 30 minutes trying to stretch away the pain. 

In the moment, my body felt a little bit better and I was confident that my neck and back worries would be gone soon. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

The pain eventually got so bad that I was having trouble doing daily tasks. Even getting in-and-out of my car took more time and effort than ever before. 

As the weeks passed by and the pain got worse each morning, I knew it was time to seek the advice of a professional.

My First Trip To A Chiropractor

Having heard that chiropractors can help with these types of issues, I saw no other option but to book an appointment as soon as possible. I was desperate to figure out why I was having trouble bending over to even get ready for the day. 

The pain was getting intolerable and I became worried that if I didn’t fix my issues now, the rest of my adult life would be plagued by daily pain. So, I found a 5-star rated chiropractor in my area and booked an appointment for that week. 

I won’t lie… I was a little nervous when I arrived. 

Since I'd never been to a chiropractor before, I had no clue what to expect.

But after 10 minutes of x-rays and another few minutes of anxiously waiting for the doctor to share my results, I finally had an answer to why I was experiencing daily neck and back pain.

“You’re suffering from the most common problem we see in our patients...” the doctor said in a surprisingly calm tone.

What Is “Tech Neck?”

After examining my x-rays, my chiropractor let me know that “Tech Neck” is an all-too-common issue he sees in the majority of patients. When he described it to me, the issues I was experiencing finally started to make sense.

As we spend more and more time on phones, computers, and tablets, our head begins tilting forward and the pressure on our spine dramatically increases. Even a slight change in the degree of our spine creates added pressure on the neck and back.

This can lead to a variety of issues that all stem from “Tech Neck.”

Here’s what “Tech Neck” looks like in action:

You can see in the image above that as the spine tilts forward it creates up to 60-pounds in added force on the neck. No wonder I was having trouble doing routine things like putting on my socks!

Relief In Just 10 Minutes Per Day Without The Price Of Chiropractor Visits

Instead of having to schedule routine visits to my chiropractor and pay hundreds out-of-pocket each month, my doctor recommended a simple device that helps alleviate neck and back pain in just 10 minutes per day.

It’s called the Curv.

The Curv is a small device that helps reverse the effects of staring at a screen all day. 

In just 10 minutes per day, the Curv works by re-aligning the angle of the spine so that the unnecessary force of the head doesn’t weigh on you all day.

Putting The Curv To The Test

While I was a little skeptical, I felt like I had no choice but to follow the doctor's orders. 

So, I ordered a Curv (which was completely affordable) and started using it each day.

Every evening, after having spent all day looking at my computer and scrolling on my phone, I’d carve out 10 minutes of my day to lay on the Curv. 

Almost instantly, I felt a difference. 

Unlike stretching, which felt good in the moment but didn’t last, the Curv provided ongoing relief for my neck and back pain.

Before I knew it, I could actually bend down to put on my socks without feeling a small jolt of pain up my back. Getting in-and-out of my car wasn’t an issue anymore. I even started noticing that the stiffness and tightness I previously had was washed away each morning!

For a device that solves such a big problem, it's surprisingly simple. In just 10 minutes per day, it provides lasting relief that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else.

Day 1: Within the first 10 minutes of using the Curv, I felt the tension in my neck completely go away. However, I was a little skeptical about the long-term benefits considering this is how I normally felt after stretching.

Day 7: After a week of using the Curv, I started noticing that bending over to put my socks on or getting in my car wasn't becoming an issue anymore. This got me excited about how great my back and neck would feel moving forward.

Day 14: My entire body felt like it did back in my teens. I never imagined such a simple block like the Curv could provide as much pain relief as I was experiencing.

Day 30: I took my Curv on a work trip (it fit easily inside of my suitcase) and I was so glad I did. After hours of sitting at a conference, I got back to my hotel room and found instant relief from the tension I had from being in a new environment.

The Benefits Of Having Your Own “Personal Chiropractor”... Without The Budget

Once the Curv became a part of my daily routine, I was able to eliminate the crippling neck and back pain that had been bothering me for months. If I felt any pain coming on, I’d stop what I was doing and lay on the Curv for a few minutes. 

Thanks to the smart, travel-friendly design, I’ve started using the Curv everywhere. I always bring it on work trips and even bought a second one that I keep in my car so I have it with me wherever I go! It’s like having a personal chiropractor that’s always by my side.

If you’re in need of personal repair, you have to check out this link. Now that the secret is out, the Curv is in extremely high demand and has sold out several times.

What Makes The Curv Different From Other Cervical Traction Devices?

Great question!

The Curv was designed by a team of chiropractors who noticed that all of the other cervical traction devices on the market tended to do more harm than good for users.

Specifically, other devices come in one size which can cause users to either over stretch or under stretch the spine.

The Curv is designed using a fully adjustable 3-tier, interlocking cervical wedge. What that means is you can adjust the device to find the perfect fit for you. This provides users with the perfect neck stretch depending on their specific body.

On top of that, here's how the Curv stacks up against other solutions:

ChiroLux Curv

Other Solutions

Fully adjustable 3 tier wedge to fit the specific user

One size that may cause other harmful aches & pains

Provides instant & long lasting relief from neck pain

Only provides a short term fix

Designed and recommended by a top chiropractors

Not professionally designed

Takes only 5-10 minutes per day for relief

Time consuming

Doesn't require harmful pain killers

Medication can lead to unwanted side effects

Results or full refund (30 Day Money Back Guarantee)

No guarantee that they will work

Try The Curv Completely Risk-Free With A 30-Day "No Questions Asked" Guarantee

ChiroLux, the team of chiropractors that created the Curv, designs each product using extremely high standards and each one is thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipping.

That's why they offer a 30-day "no questions asked" guarantee. 

What that means is you can try the Curv completely risk-free. If for whatever reason the device doesn't help alleviate strenuous neck and back pain, you can return it with ease by contacting their team. No questions asked.

Within the first week, you'll notice any tension start to work itself out. Within a few short weeks, you can say goodbye to any aches and pains caused by long work days and constant scrolling. If not, just reach out to the ChiroLux team for a 100% refund.

Try the ChiroLux Curv for 30 days. Donʼt like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions!

This limited time deal is in high demand and stock keeps selling out.